Product Details

  • STABLE PRO-LONGED LUBRICATION – Outstanding tacky property with film adhesivestrength allows it to snap back,
    string out and re-lubricate continuously on gear surfaces to eliminate dry, bare spots.
  • EXCELLENT STAYING POWER – Special tacky formulation ensures non-drip application, dryout,
    melt, sling-off or build-up between gear teeth. OG-LUBE continues to cling and lubricates even at high speed.
  • RESISTS CONTAMINENTS – As it stretches, foreign contaminants fall of preventing surfaces abrasion caused by big particles such as grit and stones.
  • RESISTS WASH-OUT – OG-LUBE contains no harmful ingredients, is completely water insoluble and provides excellent lubrication and protection of open gear under wide operating conditions …
    withstand moisture under even hot, steamy conditions and under water applications.
  • HEAT STABLE – High heat resistant with stability in temperatures from –20°C up to 250°C. Safe
    heat operating range is also enhanced as it stretches out with each revolution allowing good cooling to take place.

Shake can well, hold upright and apply area to be lubricated from a distance of 18-20 inches. Spray liberally and evenly over the surface even while gear is running.
Old lubricant need not be removed from gear surface before applying OG-LBE.