Product Details

  •  FALCHEM OXYGEN CONTROL contains an extra pure alkali metal salt with very effective organic catalyst.
  •  Removes boiler water oxygen 20-500 times faster than conventional chemicals.
  •  The fast oxygen removal minimizes metal and oxygen contact time ensuring minimal corrosion.

FALCHEM OXYGEN CONTROL is the recommended formulation for preventing corrosion in boilers operating at low to medium pressures.

FALCHEM OXYGEN CONTROL can also be used in conjunction with conventional mechanical aerators to provide improved protection by removing all traces of oxygen.

FALCHEM OXYGEN CONTROL treatment levels are determined by the oxygen content of feed water.
Generally the higher the feed temperature, the lower the oxygen content and hence the smaller the dosage.

FALCHEM OXYGEN CONTROL is used as aqueous solution of any convenient dilution prepared in the following way. The liquid is gradually added with constant stirring into condensate or make up water. For efficient operation of boilers the dosage of FALCHEM OXYGEN CONTROL is controlled by
determining the sulphate (Na2 SO3) on a sample of blow down water. (Recommended level of sulphate is 30 – 70 ppm).