Product Details

• IMMEDIATE ACTION – Special superb penetrating formula quickly lubricates all surfaces to prevent rust corrosion.
• ELECTRICALLY SAFE – It does not interfere with tolerances and reduces creeping currents and arcing of insulators, commutators and reduces sparking in high
voltage parts such as isolators, switches etc.
• STABLE PROTECTIVE FILMS – It remains stable with a flexible protective waterproof film thatcreeps into motor windings and other inaccessible parts of electrical and mechanical equipment and
prevents subsequent moisture attack.
• NON-CONDUCTION – Non conductive formula with highly stable property improves electrical function of components exposed to moisture and is unaffected by rapid temperature changes.
• NO-DOWNTIME – It is safe to use while equipment is in operation saving expensive and time consuming shut-down period
• SAFE – Low in toxicity, and non-corrosive to all metals.
• WEATHER-PROOF – Outstanding weather proofing property seals out moisture and destructive ray of the sun. helps maintain life-span and prevents fading of painted surfaces.
• EXCELLENT FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT – Stable protective coating is ideal for TV, Radio and electronic equipment. Protects wiring, aerials and other exposed electrical parts and seals
connections. CLEAR-COAT is high dielectric strength aids in preventing arcing.
• PROTECTS IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS – CLEAR-COAT leaves a clear and durable coating on valuable papers, drawings, maps, blueprints and book cover from smudging and staining. It resists fingerprints, soil and stains.
• IDEAL FOR ENGINES – CLEAR-COAT is ideal to protect engine ignition systems, wiring and batteries from corrosion and moisture.

1. Shake can well before use
2. Clean surface area of dust, grease and soil Cover other areas not to be treated.
3. Hold can 8 to 10 inches from surface to be treated. Spray first burst away from surface, then apply with a sweeping motion. Apply a thin even coat.
4. If a second coat is necessary , let 3 mins. To dry. Allow CLEAR-COAT to cure within the hour after application.
5. Apply spraying, invert can and spray to clear nozzle before storing.